Natural Cure For Irregular And Painful Menstruation That Really Works

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Gynecure capsule is the best natural cure for irregular and painful menstruation problem. It helps to regulate menstrual cycle in a safe manner.

Women suffer from irregular monthly flow due to lifestyle factors, use of contraceptives, gynecological problems and endocrine disorders. Irregular menstruation is the condition when the woman does not have menstruation in few months or suddenly stops for more than 90 days. This can be a condition of abnormal uterine bleeding which happens anytime between periods. There are conditions when women may have the flow for more than 7 days and this kind of release of blood can be heavy or just spotting. Some women suffer from bleeding after menopause, which is also considered to be an abnormal condition. A number of women complain of excess volume of flow and fatigue during this time. These problems can be cured in a safe manner by taking natural cure for irregular and painful menstruation.

Bleeding more than normal or bleeding after conjugal interaction indicates internal medical issues. Age and endocrine changes are some of the causes for longer than usual bleedings. In US the average age when bleeding starts is 12 and the flow remains irregular up to 18, which is normal. Some women suffer from extreme medical problems such as fever, nausea, vomiting, excess pain and inability to work during the monthly flow. Natural cure for irregular and painful menstruation Gynecure capsule contains extracts of Lodhra, Cichorium intybus, Areca catechu and various other herbs that can control various symptoms of the condition.

Lodhra is the herb which can help in fast healing of wounds. It is taken to cure gastrointestinal ulcers and bleedings. It works as astringent and can cure conditions which cause fever or pain. It is effective in women suffering from leucorrhea, menorrhagia and other forms of menstrual disorders. It is anti-inflammatory and cooling in nature and restricts pain. It is used in a number of gynecological conditions. The study on the herb showed it had anti androgenic effects on mammals.

The test on laboratory rats found the level of testosterone reduced in rats suffering from PCOS (induced by letrozole) while at the same time the herb was able to restore the parameters of estrogens, cholesterol and progesterone to the normal levels. The chemical changes helped in restoring the histology of ovarian tissues and the weight uterine and ovaries significantly improved after the treatment. Natural cure for irregular and painful menstruation Gynecure capsule contains this herb along with other extracts e.g. Cichorium intybus, Areca catechu etc. The study on the herb showed the increase in the level of FSH and LH levels was responsible for the increase in ovary weight. The herb is also used to cure bowel disorders and diarrhea.

Cichorium intybus is the herb that contains phyto complex compounds such as lactucopicrin, 13-dihydrolactucin and Lactucin and this works as analgesic. The herb root extract inhibits the production of prostaglandin E2 to restrict pain. Areca catechu is found in natural cure for irregular and painful menstruation as it works as a cleanser for the female reproductive organs. It can help in the elimination of damaged cells and tissues from female organs.